29 Temmuz 2008 Salı


PASSENGERS told last night of their terror when two drunken British women tried to open a jet door at 30,000ft.

The pair, aged 26 and 27, went beserk after being refused more booze.

They attacked crew with a vodka bottle then wrestled with the door.

The XL Airways Boeing 737 was flying to Manchester from the Greek isle of Samos.

Nathan Sivajoti, 18, of Wetherby, West Yorks, said: �They were really loud and foul-mouthed. The women started shouting and it just escalated.�

Another traveller said: �It was a hell of a scene. One went to the emergency exit and screamed, ‘I want some fresh air’. It was a nightmare.�

The jet diverted to Frankfurt where cops took the pair, thought to be from Liverpool, off the jet. They were put on another flight to the UK later and could face charges over the incident.

(speacial thanx to miss take for tracing..)

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