23 Temmuz 2008 Çarşamba

dikkat! çarpan balık

dear sin,

I figure i am a fucker.Nothing hurts me or stops me anymore.I am a kind of mother fucker who can fuck his boyfriends brother or sisters boyfriend, yet not only I can live with myself but also I am really too fucking fond of myself.

FUCK!! I love to have fun, and I wont apologize for that.

I have to go out tonight.Even if I'm alone.I can guarantee I wont be back tonight and wont definetaly be alone either.

I went into those boys today and they treid to tell me all about what happened with the other boy who is not there at the moment(as always),and how he wanted to get rid of me and bla.

Are you aware of yourselves???Getting rid of me? Can you even see me? Now? can you see me now?.I am not here even now.This is bull-fuckin-shit! What do you thing, I'll leave the city ,settle down in this villige,which is a hellhole for me except for the holidays and live with him? I am the most degenerate city -gil ever lived on this universe, so tell me, what the hell you're talkin' bout...then I stopped for a while (only in my mind) what kind of an explination was that? what was I? But then again, what the fuck, it took me only 3 days to decide on a divorce.

So, my point is.I don't know where the point is, and I am very going out tonight.Fuck what everybody thinks.Blow me.

wish you would be here too.

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